For over two years, various members of the community conferred on how we might combine the best aspects of professional theater with a theology for the city. Stemming from a belief that the arts are a divine gift and provide meaningful ways for people to live and reflect, Acts On Stage, Inc. was born!

Acts On Stage is a product of the collaborative imaginations and efforts of its founders, Michelle Lang-Raymond and Isiah Anderson, Jr. Combined, they have dedicated 40+ years to serving various artistic communities in the Pacific Northwest while remaining laser-focused on increasing access and opportunity to artists of color and activists of faith.  Through their steadfast work, multiple programs like Seattle’s Teen Summer Musical, the Slingshot Youth Conference and the Art of Tough Talks have been recognized, honored and awarded in the region as well as across the nation.  

Acts On Stage is a non-profit theater organization with a dedicated mission to changing lives dramatically through the production of performances that elevate. Our vision is to be a driving force behind a new era renaissance in which creativity creates change

Acts on Stage is committed to respecting the arts as method and equipping the artists as messengers who generate thought and action on matters of social justice and reform

Audiences and Participants can expect:

  • A Regular Season of high quality shows & events
  • Consistent Cultivation of new works
  • Professional Programs that develop new talent
  • Intentional Community Engagement
  • Commitment to Equity in Pricing and Practices

Join the journey!