Michelle Lang-Raymond

Founder/Executive Managing Director

Isiah Anderson Jr.

Founder/Artistic Director

Michael Walker

Operations Director

  • Sheley Anderson

  • Nicole Anthony

  • Robert Baker

  • MaryEllen Bolden

  • Zach Bruce, Jr.

  • Elias Bullock

  • John Carlisle

  • LaCretiah Claytor

  • Michael Cole, Jr

  • Sam Townsend, Jr.

We’re thankful for a partnership with The Voices Project (www.VoicesProject.com) that allowed us to hire a incredible staff of college students for this summer’s program! In addition to their daily workload, Sydney Coleman, Jaeden Thomas, Kiara “Clutch” Turner, Michela “LaLa” Walker, Jaydon Beleford and Akila Griffin participate in weekly leadership development classes and projects that help grow them as our next generation of leaders! (photo attached)